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Can your Social Media pages help you get a job?

Posted on: September 7th, 2011 by academickeys No Comments

There have been many instances where social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have had a negative effect on people and their careers. How about using it to boost your career?   Your potential employer might look at your social media pages to get a better idea of who they are hiring.

If your potential employer looks over your social media pages, here are five ways to make help you present the best online image possible and increase your chances to get hired.

1.      Completely fill out your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is one of the biggest social networking sites in the world and is dedicated to professionals. This is your opportunity to showcase yourself to an employer. LinkedIn allows you to show work experience, skills, awards, job descriptions, publications, speaking engagements, grants, associations and more. It even tells you how complete your profile is as a percentage. Make sure you get that to 100%. Make contacts, get introduced to as many people as possible. Statistics show you need 50 contacts to show others you are using LinkedIn. At 150 or more contacts, LinkedIn bring optimal value. Tip: Strategically worded headline and summary sections will help keyword searches. Be sure to include keywords AND variations on the keywords.

2.      Configure your Facebook privacy settings. Facebook has come under a lot of scrutiny for its privacy settings as people petition that too much of their personal information is available.  Whether you agree or not, Facebook has made changes in the past couple years that provide flexible and in depth privacy settings. You can go to your account and customize your privacy settings. Tip: If you are searching for a job customize your privacy settings so that outside viewers can only see your education and work experience

3.      Posting appropriate content. Whether it is a blog, Facebook, LinkedIn or another avenue it is important to post appropriate content. Skip the questionable pictures; watch your language including inappropriate comments, curses or even misspellings and finally pay attention to which sites you are posting on. Ask yourself, is this a cause, group or association that I want everyone to know I do/do not endorse.

4.      Profile Pictures. Image is everything. Your profile picture should be a reflection of the professional you are. Ideally your LinkedIn image should be a professional headshot. Facebook images can be nonprofessional just keep in mind who may potentially look at your profile. Are you going to leave them with a good first impression? Tip: remember your potential employer or current employer might be looking at this picture.

5.      Connect with your potential employer. Does your potential employer have a Facebook page? Tweet? LinkedIn group? Get in there! It is just another aspect in which you can connect and learn about their institution, culture and future plans. Use these tools to leverage yourself over other candidates vying for the job. It is called social media, be social and join in the discussion.   

Any more tips and tricks? Comment below and let us know!


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