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Hard Work and the Successful Job

Posted on: March 5th, 2012 by academickeys No Comments

If you go to Google today and search in the news section for ‘Higher Education’, chances are you will see an article on the first page regarding the costs of higher education. Higher Education is something that drives each country toward success. The theory is that if you work hard, you will get into a good school, if you work hard in school you will get a good job, if you get a good job you will be successful. Several recent factors have worked to debunk this theory, between the economic downfall of the past couple of years and rising tuition costs, the theory might not hold true anymore.

It is known that we are in tough economic times. As the U.S. presidential election nears, the main topics for the republican candidates continue to be jobs and the economy. Europe is faced with many issues as countries like Greece continue to go deeper into debt. This does not bode well for students either entering a higher education program or exiting one. For those exiting, the job market is a slim one with plenty of competition. If you have excellent marks and scores, there are likely four or five other applications just like you, who have also worked hard to get where they are. For those entering higher education, the cost of tuition, books, room and board, becomes a burden to bear on the student.

Even with difficult economic times, the cost of tuition continues to go up. The cost of both public and private universities has risen and will most likely continue to rise. This puts a strain on the family’s income and/or the amount of debt that the student will be in once they graduate from school. Starting out with debt is a difficult thing, especially with the competition in the job market. The pressure to find a high paying job to relieve this debt and survive is very real. There are ways to supplement the rising cost of tuition. Financial aid, scholarships, and Government assistance will help students obtain a higher education so they can achieve success, but is it enough?

The rising tuition costs, as well as the difficulty in finding a well-paying job, make the higher education landscape a difficult one.  Is hard work and determination enough or have these external factors put a hindrance on our road success?

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